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Volunteer Positions

Leave No Trace (LNT): Duties are to patrol for MOOP (Material Out Of Place) twice a day, remind people at end of campout to pack everything out, and to patrol their area for small MOOP.


Burn art volunteers: Builders, fabricators, woodworkers are needed to build the effigy for 2020.


Metal Dog Handlers: Return the metal dogs for display. Volunteers must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds. Volunteers will be loading the metal dogs for transport and unloading them at the event property. We will be meeting in Cedar Creek. This will probably take around 4 hours as we will need to load the dogs, drive to Cedar Park, unload, and drive back to Cedar Creek.


Pre-setup Crew: Volunteers for pre-event setup for DAY TO BE DETERMINED. Volunteers for this position will be allowed to camp overnight. This way you don’t need to return home and then come back the next day for the event.


Effigy Crew: Volunteers for effigy assembly on-site the weekend before: Volunteers for this position should be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds.


Media: We are looking for a volunteer to film the fire spinning performance and effigy burn on DAY TO BE DETERMINED. Ideal candidate should have their own equipment.


Fire Performers: Fire spinning on Saturday before effigy burns. Volunteers for this position must already have experience in fire spinning. You will need to bring your own fire spinning props, and recruit your own fire spinning safety person.


Land Clearing Crew: Land preparation weekend before. We will be picking up dead branches, raking camping areas, and doing some tree trimming. This work will be happening alongside of the effigy build, so we will start with the effigy burn site. We will be burning the debris. If you would like to camp on Saturday night in order to volunteer for both days, you are welcome to do so, but you must bring all of your own camping supplies and equipment, as well as food, food storage and food preparation equipment.


Panel M.C’s: We are looking for volunteers who would like to create and deliver their own panel/discussion activity during the event. You will need to self-market to find individuals who would like to attend your panel activity.


Workshop Leader: We are looking for volunteers who would like to create and deliver their own workshop activity during the event. You will need to self-market to find individuals who would like to attend your workshop. We encourage you to provide your own supplies for your workshop, however, if needed, we can assist with asking the community for donations. If assistance is requested, we will need a precise list of necessary supplies.


Event Artists: Artist volunteers to bring and display their digital art, printed art, hand-drawn art, and sculpture art: Art and artistic expression are a large part of Furry Fandom. If you have art that you have created and would like to put on display during the event, we would like to help make that happen. This would be a good opportunity for commission artists to display their art, however, at Scorched Fur there is no marketing or sales permitted except for ice. Artists are allowed to display their contact information with their art. If you decide to bring your art it will be your responsibility to display your work in a way that will reduce the risk of it being damaged.


Fire Perimeter: Volunteers are responsible to help ensure that participants at the effigy burn are safe, and that no one passes the burn perimeter until all of the effigy has collapsed and is no long standing, as well as keeping an eye on hot embers that may drift through the air to help prevent any unintentional fires. Fire perimeter volunteers are also responsible to ensure that no one sets up their camp within the burn perimeter. 


Kid Tent Supervisor: Volunteers for this position will need to check on the kids tent twice a day to ensure that there are no safety hazards, as well as ensuring that any battery-operated lighting and plug-in lighting is functional. This may include changing batteries in necessary items. Batteries and other infrastructure supplies can be obtained from the Infrastructure Manager. 


Pre-activity Coordinator: Volunteer will be responsible for checking in with the individuals running any activities, workshops, and panels an hour before their scheduled time to ensure that they are going to be ready, and to see if they need any help setting up. If help is needed the pre-activity coordinator is responsible for trying to acquire a volunteer to assist with setting up.


DPW: The infrastructure manager will be responsible for checking on the generators owned and maintained by Scorched Fur to ensure that they have adequate fuel, as well as acquiring, as needed, any extension cords, light bulbs, and batteries provided by Scorched fur. Other responsibilities are to handle any adjustments or modifications needed to tents, easy ups, and carports belonging to Scorched Fur.


Adult Tent Monitor: Volunteers must be over the age of 18. Duties are to ensure that no minors are admitted into the adult activities tent space, and to check each person’s wrist band. Minors will have a different color wrist band than the adults. The only reason Scorched Fur is getting involved with managing the adult activities tent is because this event is an all ages event. It is the goal of Scorched Fur to ensure that the event is safe for children, as well as to ensure that any adults that may have had a little too much to drink have a safe place to engage in adult activities instead of doing so in the wooded areas of the property.

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