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Having an event that relies on the participation of its attendees in order to be successful is a daunting task. Please check out our event information for more details/policies regarding Scorched Fur. If you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our telegram channel!

Minor Attendee Policy, Vendor Policy, and Sound/Video Policy Details

A collection of our most often asked questions. If it doesn't get answered here, you should ask us on telegram!

A guide designed through the experience of previous events. If it's your first time camping, attending a burn, or a Scorched Fur newbie - it is a MUST read!

The Code of Conduct of Scorched Fur expectations for staff and attendees.

Policies and Agreements

Minor Policy

All participants 17 years of age and younger must be accompanied at the event by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Parents or legal guardians must fill out a separate waiver for each child. At no time will Scorched Fur staff or volunteers be responsible for providing childcare. As your child’s parent or legal guardian, you are responsible for monitoring what activities or interactions your child is exposed to. Scorched Fur staff and volunteers, for the most part, will not police the behavior or conduct of other participants in order to accommodate your particular parenting style.

Vendor Policy

This event is a gifting economy event. There should be no products or services for sale or marketed.


General Photo/Video Guidelines

Photography and/or video: Photography and/or video of any person without their verbal consent is prohibited. You should be mindful of the persons and/or things in the background of your photographs and/or videos. It is our intention to maintain a comfortable, inviting, and safe space for everyone.

In order to create the different environments for different kinds of social interaction and play, as well as being respectful to our neighbors who live within earshot of the camping area, this event has a sound ordinance. Please no drummin’, hollerin’, or music between midnight and 10am. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm we would like to create the environment for activities and events for social interaction, so please only light background music. Between 6pm and midnight louder party and club style music is acceptable. During this time the land owner may request for you to turn down your bass and decibel level if it is excessive to the point of affecting the permanent residents of the property.

On-Site Animal Handling Policy

There are live farm animals that are raised by the property owners and are kept away from the event space during the weekend. If an animal is located outside of their respective area, please notify event staff immediately. Please do not engage with the animals unless accompanied by event staff under the permission of the property owner. If any bestiality-related activities are discovered it will be stopped and the person or persons involved will be escorted off the property with the potential of alerting authorities as decided by the event staff. The State of Texas 2017 Legislature Texas Penal Code § 21.09 makes this a criminal offense, and the unaccompanied trespassing onto the property where the animals are kept will be recognized as trespassing.

Commercial Media Agreement and Sound Policy Agreement

All persons engaging in any activity on behalf of a commercial media entity, or persons intending to use media that will benefit a commercial media entity, must sign a Media Agreement upon arrival to the event. See below for language of the agreement that you will be required to sign.

All persons intending to bring any form of sound equipment to the event will be required to sign the Media and Sound Agreement.

Commercial Media Agreement and Sound Policy Agreement


For the protection of all artists and privacy of all attendees, I agree that any and all filming and recording, or any other pictures, descriptions, or accounts (collectively referred to as "media depictions") of any and all Scorched Fur events are the exclusive intellectual property of AAL Services Inc. (hereafter AAL), and that no such media depictions will be commercially distributed without the express written consent of AAL.  

Further, I agree that AAL Services Inc., exclusively owns and controls all rights of privacy, intellectual property, and authority to allow or disallow any media depictions of the event, attendees, persons, performances, and/or art at the event. However, as long as media depictions are not commercially distributed and do not infringe on anyone's art or right to privacy, AAL will allow personal media depictions. Additionally, AAL will not sell or use your work without your permission.  

I, ____________________________, agree that AAL Services Inc. has full and exclusive ownership and control of any and all “media depictions” of any and all Scorched Fur events. Please check one of the below options:

______ I am not bringing a device (or set of devices) capable of producing a loud sound to Scorched Fur. I agree to abide by the Sound Policy as set forth by AAL Services Inc.

______ I am bringing a device (or set of devices) capable of producing a loud sound to Scorched Fur and agree to the following:

I agree to be held responsible at all times for the sound output of any devices I have brought to this event. I agree that these devices will abide by the Scorched Fur Sound Policy at all times. I understand that I am allowed to bring these sound producing devices into the event only as they abide by the Scorched Fur Sound Policy.

I agree that the sound output of my devices will be kept within the limits established by AAL Services Inc. (hereafter AAL), their agents, and anyone else they designate, at all times. If at any point my sound-producing devices are outside those bounds, I agree to allow AAL or their agents access to disconnect, disable, or impound those devices for the duration of the event.

Further, I agree that AAL, or their agents, may, at their discretion, insist that any sound-producing devices be removed from the event. If I am unable or unwilling to remove a device myself, I hereby grant AAL or their agents permission to impound the device(s) for the duration of the event. I take full personal responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of removing or impounding a sound device(s) of mine, and I indemnify AAL and/or their agents from any liability for damage or loss that may occur to my device(s).

I agree that I, or one of my designees listed below, will be present with the sound device(s) at all times. If at any time my sound device is not attended by myself or one of my designees, I agree that AAL or their agents have permission to disable, disconnect, or remove my sound-producing device.

I agree to abide by the Sound Policy as set forth by AAL Services Inc.

Signature ____________________________________________________

Date __________________

Please describe sound equipment here: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Designee 1__________________________________

Designee 2__________________________________

Designee 3__________________________________

Designee 4__________________________________



The address of the event is 549 Mesquite Drive, Cedar Creek, TX 78612. Check in at the Greeters Station at the mobile home right as you enter the property. We will have a list of all purchased tickets by the person who purchased them. Please make sure you print and bring your ticket. Greeters will ask you to sign a waiver and guide you where to park/camp. We encourage as many people as possible to carpool. If you are looking to ride with someone or are available to give others a ride, please let us know and we will help coordinate carpooling if needed. Tickets are not available at the gate. Ticket sales will end at 11:30 pm. on Thursday November 3, 2022, or when all tickets are sold, whichever occurs first.

Gate Hours

Official gate hours are from noon to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and 9 a.m. -7:30 p.m. on Saturday. If you unavoidably need to arrive outside of gate hours or on Sunday, please contact either JoeJoe Platypus or Red via telegram at @BabyJoeJoe or @LittleRedDrake and  and let them know what your arrival time will be. When you arrive, after gate hours, you will need to go to the large barn house for check in. Please leave the property and “leave no trace” by 5p.m. on Sunday.

What It Is

This event is a Furry Fandom campout event. Scorched Fur is a family friendly event. Illegal substances are not allowed and alcohol should be consumed responsibly. If you bring illegal substances onto the property and it is discovered, you will be asked to leave and escorted off the premises. This event also seeks to support local charities. All metal recycling proceeds will be donated to local charities. All non-perishable food items collected at the end of the event will be donated to the Central Texas Food Bank. This event is what YOU make it. If you would like to organize any workshops or activities, please let us know so that it can be put on the schedule of activities. Feel free to bring things you would like to do and would like to share.

What To Bring

Food, drinks, and fresh water for drinking. We recommend at least 1 ½ gallons of drinking water, per person, per day. If you need something to prepare or serve your food, bring that as well.

  • Whatever brings out your headspace – such as furry costumes and handler gear.

  • Tent and bedding.

  • All the practical stuff needed to be somewhere for a weekend, including medicine, toiletries, phone chargers, etc. (Plug-in station will be available.)

  • Bring any extra pillows or blankets you have to add to our snuggle pile tent.

  • Lawn chairs, camping chairs, and/or chaise lounges

  • Feel free to bring DVDs or digital copies, as there will be a projector.

What NOT to Bring

Fireworks, firearms, and tasers. All electric scooters, 4 wheelers, and motorcycles must remain in the designated parking areas.

Property Information

This property is a functioning ecovillage with gardens, chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, and bee hives. The donkeys, goats, sheep, bee hives, and dogs will be in a separate fenced in area. Please respect the space and do not disturb the animals. No dogs, except for the human variety and service dogs, are allowed at the event; service dogs must remain leashed and wear their service vest at all times. In order to create the different environments for different kinds of social interaction and play, as well as being respectful to our neighbors who live within earshot of the camping area, this event has a sound ordinance. Please no drummin’, hollerin’, or music between midnight and 10am. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm we would like to create the environment for activities and events for social interaction, so please only light background music. Between 6pm and midnight louder party and club style music is acceptable. During this time the land owner may request for you to turn down your bass and decibel level if it is excessive to the point of affecting the permanent residents of the property. Please make sure you are appropriately dressed in parking areas, the front part of the property where the houses are, and when you are in areas where the neighbors can see you. The main houses and the RV’s onsite are the homes of the property’s residents, and are only open to them, and core organizers. Please respect the spaces and do not enter the houses.


Leave No Trace

This is a Leave No Trace event, meaning you are responsible for packing out all of your own trash. The only bins available will be for compost and metal recycling, located near the parking area. The money raised from the metal recycling will go to local charities.


Weather Policy

This is a rain or shine event! In case of rain, please come prepared to play and camp in the rain. This includes tarps for your tent, ways to store items without getting wet, plenty of changes of clothes, rain boots, and coats/ponchos/umbrellas for playing in the rain. We also experience high winds at times, so all tents, EZ-ups and temporary

structures should be staked down.


The property is beautiful and safe, but it is best to come prepared and be aware of potential hazards in this area of Texas. Fire ant mounds, scorpions, snakes, and thorny mesquite branches should be watched out for. Wear shoes or sandals at all times to prevent foot injuries. Mosquito/bug repellent is essential. Cinnamon outside of tents makes a good barrier against ants. If any bites, stings or injuries happen, come find an event organizer or volunteer right away for basic first aid. Also bring allergy medication if needed. Please do not swim in the pond because there will be no lifeguard available at any time.


Hot Showers!

Are totally a thing. Bring a towel and soap if you'd like to take advantage of it. The bathroom building is located outside of the barn house.


Fire Spinning

If you decided you would like to bring your own fire spinning equipment, it should only be done near the main campfire space and always with one safety per performer. 

Camp Fires

There is a designated fire pit in the camping area. Please, no other open fires on the campgrounds. Elevated camp stoves for cooking are fine.


On-Site Assistance?

If you have any questions or anything comes up during the event (injuries, conflict, etc.) please speak to an event organizer or talk to the volunteers at the Greeters Station to get in touch with us. Volunteers and staff will have a red wristband.


Cell Phone Signal

Some carriers have limited signal at and around the event location. There is no Wi-Fi available.



If you would like to volunteer before or during this event, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so. We will be having a property preparation day approximately one week before the event. Pizza will be provided for volunteers. We will be needing volunteers for gate shifts and bonfire attendants. If you are certified EMS or first responder and would like to be available to volunteer in case of an emergency, please let us know.


Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of Scorched Fur is for our attendees to have fun. These rules have been established to ensure that everyone can have fun in a safe and friendly environment.

Scorched Fur does not wish to ban anyone from our events. We want you to like coming to our events and we want you to come back. The rules are here to maintain order and harmony. It is our hope and expectation that we will seldom have to enforce them. So use good judgment. Be responsible. Treat each other with respect. Live and let live and we can all have a great time.

If you are a member of the media, looking to film, photograph, or otherwise document our events for publication, please visit our Media Policies page.

1. All attendees are assumed to have read and understood this official Scorched Fur Code of Conduct and agreed to the terms set forth therein when receiving a wristband. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

2. Anyone who accepts a wristband agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Scorched Fur and or AAL Services (hereinafter the festival) from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising out of any individual’s activities at the festival, even if such injury or damage is caused by negligence by or on the part of the festival.

3. The festival seeks to make its staff members available to its attendees. Staff members will be wearing specially marked badges or special–issue shirts  or special–issue wristband to indicate their status. If you have a problem or concern, please alert a member of staff to the issue.

4. All adult attendees of the festival will be required to present a single government–issued photo ID at registration which clearly states their full legal name and date of birth. Examples of valid photo identification include: photo ID issued by a Department of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicles office, driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc. Examples of IDs which are NOT valid include: school ID, employee ID, or any other ID that is either not issued by a federal or state government agency or not a photo ID with full legal name and date of birth. Any adult who does not present such photo ID will not be allowed to complete registration or be granted a festival wristband of membership. Any adult found to be attempting to present a forged or falsified ID will be remanded to police custody.

5. Festival attendees must wear their official festival wristband at all times while in festival areas, and it must be shown upon request to any member of festival staff, security, or law enforcement. Any attendee who does not wear their wristband or fails to present it upon request may be prevented from entering the official festival event spaces. If your wristband becomes unusable/invalid or is lost, it will be replaced at a charge of 5 U.S. dollars per badge. Any person found using a counterfeit wristband, using a wristband not belonging to them, or making copies of their wristband for others will have their membership revoked and will be banned from the festival and all subsequent events hosted by Scorched Fur.

6. The Chairman of the festival reserves the right to deny or revoke membership at any time for any reason.

7. In the event that any staff member or security member of the festival deems it necessary to revoke any attendee’s membership, that attendee must surrender their festival wristband to said staff or security member and leave the festival immediately. Also, said attendee will not be entitled to any manner of refund or compensation for the price of their membership. This includes all levels of membership.

8. Any usage, sale, or possession of illegal or non–prescribed controlled substances (to include all drugs and chemicals listed in Schedules I through V of the United States controlled substances lists) will constitute cause to revoke membership of those involved in the activity and will be reported to the proper authorities.

9. All parties at which alcohol is served or consumed must verify that every person being served is of legal drinking age by checking government–issued photo IDs. Any party found serving alcohol to or allowing consumption of alcohol by anyone who is not of legal drinking age will be shut down immediately.

10. No weapons are permitted at the festival. If you have a facsimile or a replica of, or a peace–bonded weapon to use as part of a costume, it must be approved by the festival before being shown in public. Insofar as props designed to accompany costumes—be they cosplay costumes or as part of fursuit outfits—these props do not need to be pre–approved by or inspected by the staff of the festival, with the exception of props that may be deemed weapons; when in doubt, do not hesitate to flag down a member of festival Staff or Security and ask their opinion. The staff and security members of the festival reserve and may exercise the right to deem what is and is not considered an appropriate or unacceptable item.

11. Remember that while you are at the festival, you are not only here to enjoy the furry fandom, but you also serve to  represent it. Violators may be warned only once. Further as such, the following behaviors are prohibited in any spaces of the host venue:
       a.  Outright nudity
       b. Disrespect of the staff and security of the Convention and/or host venue, or willful and wanton damage to the                  property of the host venue.
       c. Selling goods or services.

        d. Advertising or marketing  products and or services available for purchase at or outside of the festival.

12. The festival  has a strict No Harassment policy, to include any and all forms of physical, verbal, and/or sexual harassment. No means NO. If someone tells you to stop, you STOP. If someone tells you to go away, you GO AWAY. If someone will not abide by these rules, contact a staffer or security staffer of the festival  and the issue will be dealt with immediately.

13. Any attendees engaging in behavior which endangers life or property (including but not limited to such acts as pulling fire alarms or creating other hazardous situations) will have their membership revoked immediately and may be banned from future events hosted by Scorched Fur and or AAL Services. If warranted, law enforcement may be contacted at the behest of the festival.

14. Photographic, video, and audio recordings and coverage by a member of the press, media, or any other entertainment enterprise is prohibited in any festival–controlled areas of the host venue without prior written consent. This includes spaces reserved by the festival for its duration. Attendees must also give written consent to be recorded while in any public space at the festival’s host venue by the press or any other entertainment enterprise, and said written consent must be kept on file for no less than one calendar year. If any attendee declines to consent to being recorded, the entity performing the recording must not allow that attendee to be within the recording in any fashion. If any attendee, after the recording has been taken, produced, and/or edited, requests that their likeness be removed, blurred, or otherwise excised from the recording, the entity who performed the recording must promptly comply, and any publicly–accessible recording bearing the complainant’s likeness must be removed temporarily until the likeness can be satisfactorily removed or obscured. It is also not permissible to photograph or videotape from any public space into any festival–controlled space. Discovery of such a recording being made, or violation of any part of this rule and its subparts, may result in the individual that performed the act being asked to leave the convention space and to be barred from returning to the Event in the future, and the festival may ask that all recordings produced by the entity be removed from any publicly–accessible media format, whether physical or electronic.
       a. If a member of the press is found by any attendee, they should immediately alert a staffer of the festival, who     will present said individual(s) with a written copy of the Scorched Fur Media Policy and information about the festival.
       b. No photographs or video of the festival may be used for any commercial purpose or financial gain without prior written consent from Scorched Fur . Any personal photographs or video taken at the festival and published, whether electronically or in print, must be removed immediately upon request.
       c. Any attendee who photographs or records video of the festival for personal use—and who is not a member of or acting on behalf of any press outlet, entertainment enterprise, or similar endeavor—is allowed to take and record video and photographic media for their own personal sharing and amusement. Any conflicts and disagreements which arise from the sharing and posting of said Media to social media outlets shall not be the fault of the festival. This policy extends also to audio recordings, or any form of physical or electronic Media. Any Media recorded in this fashion and used for personal and commercial financial gain shall not include any endorsements by, or claims of endorsement by the festival, or any copyrights, logos, or trademarks associated with the festival which do not appear coincidentally in the Media recorded.

15. If the host venue decides for any reason to ban an individual from its premises, the festival will likewise ban the individual from the festival and any future event hosted by Scorched Fur.

16. Festival staff members will make every attempt to be fair, lenient, and understanding in the case of infractions, but there are some situations in which our options may become limited based on the severity of the situation. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a member of the staff or security, you may take the matter up with the Chief of Security, the festival Chairman, or the Executive Officer on duty.

17. The festival will not accept ANY refund requests. Unauthorized use of a credit or debit card, or any other form of monetary exchange card or monetary exchange process, and all other attempts to circumvent the festival’s no refunds policy will result in a permanent ban from the festival’s leadership.

18. The festival reserves the right to amend these rules without prior or posted notice.

19. All sales of products and registration before, during, and after pre–registration are final and no refunds will be issued.

20. Service animals are allowed in the host venue and cannot be asked to be removed by staff or security excepting only if they are causing bodily harm, disruptions, or other threatening or disruptive behaviors, or complaints have been lodged with staff alleging them to be a nuisance; the complainant does not have to notify the offending animal’s owner in order to satisfy the conditions of reporting. By law the festival cannot ask you to identify or require guests to produce registration or identification information about your service animal. An emotional support animal or therapeutic animal, however, is classified—by law—as a pet and falls under the host venue’s personal pet policy. All other pets and animals fall under the host venue’s pet policy, which varies from venue to venue. If you are in doubt about the policy of the host venue, please do not hesitate to ask staff for clarification. The festival does ask, however, that you keep your pet(s) leashed or otherwise restrained for the comfort and safety of others, with the understanding that the host venue’s rules on leashing and caging override any rule the festival can impose. The festival reserves the right to ask that an attendee remove or leash an animal that has had complaints lodged against it by other guests, which can include complaints of threatening or disruptive behaviors, or actions deemed to be a nuisance to the general public.

21. With regards to injuries caused to or by service animals and pets over the course of the festival, the festival is not responsible for said injuries. Injuries caused willfully, maliciously, and wantonly to or by the pet(s) of any single member of the festival staff is the responsibility of the staff member in question. In the event such an incident occurs, the matter will be escalated to the festival’s executive committee for resolution and compensation.

22. The festival is not responsible for the host venue’s compliance or non–compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you feel you need special accommodations, however, please do not hesitate to ask or request assistance, and festival staff will be happy to assist or work with the host venue to provide the necessary assistance.

23. The festival reserves the right to utilize any personal information obtained by the festival via the registration process to investigate, pursue, and enforce infractions of the Scorched Fur Code of Conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid, government issued ID. Otherwise, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who meets these requirements and agrees to the above Minor Policy.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doen't match the person who attends?

No. The name on your ticket or registration must match the name on your government issued ID.

Are pets allowed?

There are NO pets allowed at this event. Please be understanding that this property is used for livestock for a good amount of the year and it is the property owner's decision not to have pets on the property.

Where is the event?
The event is on private land near Austin, Texas.

What's the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds.


What do I bring?

Please read the Event Survival Guide!

What if I don't own camping gear?

Day passes are available for Saturday or camp with a friend who does!

What if it rains?

This is a rain or shine event! In case of rain please come prepared to play and camp in the rain. This includes tarps for your tent, ways to store items without getting wet, plenty of changes of clothes, rain boots, and coats/ponchos/umbrellas for playing in the rain.

What about bathing?

We have a public restroom facility on the property with hot showers! Bring a towel, shower shoes and your toiletries of choice.

What are my parking options at the event?

There is parking at the festival property, however, vehicle parking is limited. Please try to carpool as many people to a vehicle as possible.


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