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Dealer's Den, Artist Alley, or Vending

Generally at Furry Fandom conventions and festivals there are dealers and vendors, however, at Scorched Fur there are no dealers and/or vendors allowed at the event. There are also no monetary transactions allowed during the event other than the purchase of ice. The purpose of this policy is to encourage social interactions and participation without consumption or advertising and marketing. It is the policy of Scorched Fur that if any person is engaging in any activities that are or are perceived to be the sale of goods and/or services, and/or marketing of goods and/or services for sale, they will be asked to stop only once. If any person refuses to comply with this policy during the event, they will be removed from the festival grounds.

This is in line with the burning principles that make up the foundation of Scorched Fur, for more information regarding these principles, please see this article here regarding 'De-commodification.'

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