About Scorched Fur

This is a three-day, Furry Fandom and burner crossover camping event. Hosted on 10 acres of private land owned by one of our long-time group members on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. On this beautiful and safe property you can enter furry headspace or decompress during your stay there for three whole days! You’ll have ample opportunities for socializing, relaxing, enjoy wonderful art and having lots of fun. During gate hours you're welcome to come and go as you please. This year’s theme is Animal Crackers. The Furry Fandom effigy “Animal Crackers train” will burn on Saturday night, burn ban permitting. Join us for a fun and exciting experience!

Who is invited?
All those who are part of the furry community that are interested in learning more about burner culture and philosophies. This is a family friendly event. Participants of all ages are welcome.

Where is the event?
Cedar Creek / Address given with ticket.

What if it rains?
This is a rain or shine event! In case of rain please come prepared to play and camp in the rain.

What about bathing?
We have a public restroom facility on the property with hot showers! Bring a towel, shower shoes and your toiletries of choice. Due to COVID-19 restriction it will likely be closed. Bring lots of baby wipes!



Scorched Fur and its organizers take this pandemic very seriously. We will observe all local and state laws surrounding this situation and act accordingly. As much as we want to have this event we will reserve the right to cancel and reschedule if it is determined to be unsafe under the present conditions. 

        Everyone including participants must do everything they can to help prevent and or stop the spread. By bringing hand sanitizer, face masks, and disinfectants of your own you can be more effective in helping stop this spread. We will of course have our own on premises however we ask all of the participants do what they can. Wear a mask . "You look after me, I wear a mask I look after you". If you feel sick or have a temperature STAY HOME! 

Ticket Sales

Tickets for this event are sold through Eventbrite. Purchase your tickets here

There will be no tickets sold at the gate!